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Welcome to the world of Budget trekking! We, here at our office, believe that no one should put aside their dream of trekking on the high himalayas of Nepal because of involving cost which is way over the head. We guarantee that our treks are the cheapest  in the Nepalese market when it comes to price. As a part of making our treks cheap we never curtail any part of the trek, we do not alter in the service we provide but we maintain the costs to the rock bottom by trekking in group.

Our treks are never less than 4 in number and never surpasses 12 maximum. The group isn’t too  big and when above 8 we add an assistant guide to the group so that you are equally taken care of. Furthermore, we never rush with our trek and make it difficult for you. We have made sure to put rest days and acclimatization days when necessary and make sure to show you the things that you truly need to see. Except for few days on the itinerary on few difficult places we also ensure that we will not make you walk for above 4 – 7 hours.

The sole purpose of initiating Budget trek is help you walk up those himalayas with a guide and company who would take care of you when you are away from your home. Not only trek but we as well organize tours throughout the country in the price you can never imagine. We also want to make sure of you not having to cut on your travel plans because of one trek that you opted for. We make your dream of travelling with a guide who would explain you tiny details of trek very attainable Finally there are no hidden agendas or cost to our price. You pay exactly as seen on our website or 100% money back guarantee.